Research support

A team of more than 100 people spread across different units provides support and assistance to researchers in identifying funding opportunities; preparing and managing projects; establishing contractual agreements; valorising, protecting and commercialising results; and publishing their research.

Centre de Transferència de Tecnologia CTT

Technology Transfer Centre (CTT)

Promotion of UPC knowledge and technology across economic sectors; support to research staff involved in publicly and privately funded research projects at national and European levels, and management of transfer projects with the private sector.

Gabinet de Projectes Especifics

Specific Projects Bureau (GPE)

Detection of new opportunities and implementation of strategic institutional projects to build competitive advantage: international consortia; RIS3CAT strategy; European programmes; technology challenges with companies; International Campus of Excellence, etc

Servei de Gestió de la Innovació

Innovation Management Service (SGI)

Innovation support and promotion, protection, valorisation and transfer of UPC research results: patents, licences, entrepreneurship, spin-offs, start-ups, business creation.

Centre d'Innovació i Tecnologia CIT UPC

Innovation and Technology Centre (CIT-UPC)

The UPC's research and development centres promote greater business competitiveness through the generation, development and valorisation of value-added knowledge.

Parc UPC

Parc UPC

Added-value technology infrastructure, facilities and services for synergy building between research bodies and companies: business incubation and business creation support for researchers and entrepreneurs.


Libraries services

Resources and support for research, development and innovation activities: support for research publication, management and publication of research data, evaluation and accreditation of research, editing and electronic publication of doctoral theses, management and electronic publication of scientific journals, etc.