Open and citizen science

Open science is a paradigm shift in research methodology. It involves a more open approach in all stages of research and entails the development of collaborative, reproducible, sustainable, transparent research that has a greater impact.

Open science

The UPC's Open Science Strategic Plan includes a set of actions to be carried out between 2022 and 2025 with the aim of promoting open science in areas such as scientific publishing, FAIR research databases, citizen science, research integrity, open science skills, metrics and recognition, open education, and research infrastructure and the European Open Science Cloud.

UPC open science guidelines and resources

Citizen science

Citizen science is the open participation of the general public in research processes and activities. It involves projects aimed at society in general and more specific groups, involving them in one or several stages of the research project (identification of topics to be addressed, project definition, data collection, interpretation of results, communication and dissemination, etc.).

UPC Citizen Science Portal