Participation in networks and consortia

UPC facilitates the participation of research staff in innovation and transfer networks.

Collaboration bridges with institutions and companies through which exclusive calls can be participated in, as well as enjoying resources and opportunities reserved for partner entities.

European Innovation and Knowledge Communities (KICs)

European innovation and knowledge communities are integrated and interdisciplinary collaborations that are part of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT). Currently, UPC has direct participation in the Urban Mobility and InnoEnergy communities, with a total of six associated training programmes and a network of doctoral students.


TECNIO network of technological providers

TECNIO is the accreditation granted by the Government of Catalonia to identify and give visibility to technology developers in the R&D system who have differential technological capabilities and the capacity to transfer them to strengthen the business fabric and make the Catalan innovation ecosystem internationally attractive.


Gaia-X network

Gaia-X is an initiative coordinated by various public and private entities that assists and supports the European common project for the creation of a large data infrastructure for Europe. A secure and federated system that meets the strictest requirements of digital sovereignty and promotes innovation. An open and transparent digital ecosystem where data and services can be available, collected, and shared in a trusted environment.

Gaia-X Website

Associations of scientific and technological parks

UPC is part of the networks of the most important scientific and technological parks at the Catalan and Spanish levels. They facilitate collaboration with other universities in the territory, diversifying and enhancing the use of the scientific and technological facilities of the participating entities. Additionally, at the European level, UPC is part of an initiative of the Unite! project to create a European network of scientific and technical services.

Catalan Network of Scientific and Technological Parks (XPCAT)

Association of Scientific and Technological Parks of Spain (APTE)

ACCIÓ clusters

The clusters of the Catalan Agency for Business Competitiveness (ACCIÓ) allow university research groups to directly connect with the needs and collaboration points of the business sector in specific industry sectors. Currently, UPC belongs to the following clusters:

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