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Equivalence of a Doctoral degree

Attesting to the equivalence of a doctoral degree implies the official recognition of the course of study taken abroad for the award of a doctoral degree.

Application form

You should address the standard application form to the rector of the UPC and attach the following documents to it:

  • A pdf of your National Identity Document (Spanish citizens only)/a pdf of your passport.
  • A pdf of the doctoral degree diploma or provisional doctoral degree certificate for which you are seeking a statement of equivalence.
  • Link to the public repository or website in which the doctoral thesis is published. If the thesis cannot be accessed, a copy of the thesis must be provided.
  • A list of the academic publications stemming from the doctoral thesis.
  • Proof of payment of the corresponding fee. Consult the Decree on Fees.

Equivalència del grau acadèmic de Doctor

The application form and supporting documents should be submitted in electronic format in Catalan, Spanish or English; if they are not in one of these languages, please contact the Academic Management Service (SGA), tel. 93 405 46 46, and follow their instructions. o bé traduïdes a algun d’aquests idiomes mitjançant una traducció oficial.

Additional supporting documents on the awarding institution, the thesis examination committee, the doctoral programme or the academic record, for example, may be requested if they are deemed necessary.


The statement of equivalence is issued by the rector of the UPC in accordance with the proposal submitted by the director of the Doctoral School.

The proposal for resolution will be sent to you by e-mail. If the resolution is favourable, you must provide the original documents, both personal (DNI or passport) and academic (doctoral degree certificate, academic record, etc.) already legalised (if necessary; see Doctoral School - Degrees and documents legalisation for more information), and copies thereof, which will be certified by the corresponding administrative unit.

The resolution on equivalence is issued in the form of a statement of equivalence upon payment of the corresponding fee (consult the Decree on Fees). The resolution is sent to the Ministry of Education for it to be filed in the Register of Universities, Schools and Degrees.

The statement of equivalence of the doctoral degree does not under any circumstance imply the homologation, equivalence or recognition of any other foreign degree or degrees that the applicant may be in possession of, nor the recognition, in Spain, of any other academic level than the doctoral-degree level.

More information

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