Students work permit


If you are a non-EU student and you have a Spanish student visa or TIE, you are not allowed to work in Spain, as the main aim of your stay is to study. In the same TIE card there is a place where is stated: "no autoriza a trabajar" (you are not allowed to work).

However, if it is possible for you to take an internship in a company within the framework of your study programme, then you would not need to carry out any additional procedures.

Any other kind of paid work outside your study programme obliges you to apply for a student work permit ("autorización de trabajo para estudiantes"). This permit limits the number of hours you can work per week (because the main aim of your stay in Spain is to study) and is limited to one specific company. The company must apply for the permit for you. (You cannot do the procedure on your own as a student).

To apply for a student work permit you will have to ask for an appointment with the corresponding Catalan government department that has the authority to issue the permit. Further information on the procedure is available on the following website:|en)