In order to travel: authorization of return to Spain

You must carry out this procedure if you need to leave Spain while you are renewing your student card as it will allow you to come back to Spain.

This procedure allows you only to enter in Spain again when, during the TIE renewal procedure, you have to travel and come back to Spain when your old TIE card will be already expired and you don't have the new one yet.

If you would like to trave to one/some country/ies of the European Union, the authorization of return does not guarantee you the entry in said countries. You should have to contact the Consulate/s in Spain of the country/ies of the EU you would like to travel to in order to be informed if you should have to do a special procedure or take a visa to enter there.

See the attachments:

- Instructions and how to obtain an appointment

- Application form EX-13

- How to fill in the application form