General secretary

Ana B. Cortinas Abad


Ana B. Cortinas Abad

Ana B. Cortinas has been a member of the administrative and service staff of the UPC since 1994. She has a degree in Business Administration and Management and a diploma in Business Sciences. She was the head of Administration at the Department of Management (2001-2014). She was the head of the Department and Institute Support Area of the Barcelona Industrial Engineering Management and Support Unit and an administrator at the Department of Chemical Engineering (2014-2015), the Institute of Industrial and Control Engineering (2014-2016), the Department of Management and the Department of Statistics and Operations Research from 2014 up to the present.


    • Secretary of the collegiate governing and representation bodies.
    • Public certification and custody of agreements and decisions.
    • Electoral processes.
    • Transparency policy.
    • Archive.
    • Data protection.
    • Statute development.
    • Certifications, appointments and registry.
    • Reports.