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Foreigner Identification Number (NIE)

  • What is the Foreigner Identification Number?

The Foreigner Identification Number is referred to as the NIE: for non EU students that came for more than 6 months, it is the personal number that is on the student card that you will receive after carrying out the procedure to extend your student visa once you have arrived; for EU students it is the number that appears on the card you receive after registering as a EU resident in Spain (see procedure).


  • Do I have a NIE number if I am not from the EU and I came with a Spanish studies visa up to 6 months?

As a student from outside the European Union, if you came to UPC for a short stay (student visa until 6 months), you have a NIE number that usually is included in your student's visa.

You can need this number:

- to open an account in a bank in Spain (however the majority of banks in Spain will open an account for you as a resident only if you have a long term visa, for more than six months).

- to use the Bicing service of the City Council of Barcelona of bicycle renting.

- if your master or degree allows you to do an internship, your NIE number will be requested