TIE renewal


Remember that you can start your renewal during the 60 days before the expiry date of your TIE card for studies and before it expires.

Please read at the end of this page the legal warning about the possible FINE.





Diagram of the process

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can OMI office 

help me? 









Get your electronic certificate

2-Fill in
the application form

Informative videos








3-Collect the necessary documents


4- Pay the tax

For my Relatives








5- Send your documents
to OMI office to review them

6- Submit your documents

 Need to travel during

your renewal?









7- Wait for an answer
and check at least every week
the status of your file

8- If needed, provide the requested

documents ("requerimiento")

In case of
a denial








9-Positive answer



10- Appointment to go to the Police

and make your TIE card

(if the period conceeded

is for more than 6 months)



 Legal warning about a possible fine:


The process of renewal of the TIE card (Spanish stay for studies card) must be done during the last 60 days of validity of the card but to begin the procedure during the 90 days after the caducity of the card is also allowed.

From the month of April 2013, when the students deliver the documents for the renewal of their card later than the expiry date of it, a proceeding can be started against them for a minor infraction that is regulated by the article 52.b) of the Organic Law 4/2000, after its reforme by the Organic Law 2/2009.

This means that in case you deliver the documents for renewal of your TIE card (it is the same if your deliver them in the International Students Office of UPC or directly in the Subdelegacion del Gobierno in Barcelona) later than the date of expiry date of your card, an economic fine of up to 500 € can be applied to you.

The above mentioned fine has not been applied yet but the Spanish authorities could start to apply it at any moment.

So please, take this information into account and deliver your renewal documents before the expiry date of your card.