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Bachelor's degree in Optics and Optometry

Terrassa School of Optics and Optometry (FOOT)

In the bachelor's degree in Optics and Optometry, you will study both medical and technology-related subjects, developing the knowledge and skills needed to diagnose, prevent and treat vision problems. In optics, you will receive the theoretical training needed to understand how images are formed by lenses, the fundamentals of optical instruments, and the causes of visual impairments, while your studies of optometry will allow you to develop the knowledge and skills needed to treat non-medical vision problems. 
4 years
Study load
240 ECTS credits (including the bachelor's thesis). One credit is equivalent to a study load of 25-30 hours.
Language of instruction

Check the language of instruction for each subject (and timetable) in the course guide in the curriculum.

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Fees and grants
Approximate fees per academic year: €1,107 (€2,553 for non-EU residents). Consult the public fees system based on income (grants and payment options).
Terrassa School of Optics and Optometry (FOOT)
Official degree
Recorded in the Ministry of Education's degree register
Registration and enrolment
What are the requirements to enrol in a bachelor's degree course?
Legalisation of foreign documents
All documents issued in non-EU countries must be legalised and bear the corresponding apostille.

Eighth semester

  • CompulsoryECTS
  • OptionalECTS
  • ProjectECTS
Professional opportunities
  • Detection, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of visual health problems.
  • Adaptation of glasses and contact lenses.
  • Vision rehabilitation and consulting in vision care and ergonomics.
  • Measurement and diagnostic testing for surgery.
  • Medical-technical establishments related to optics.
  • Hospitals, health centres and primary care centres.
  • Ophthalmology centres and surgeries.
  • Optical industry: technical, commercial and management positions.

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