How to obtain and download the digital certificate


The procedure to obtain your digital certificate has 4 steps: configure the software on your computer, apply  online for the certificate, go to one of the offices to prove your identity, and finally download it. Here below we explain it in detail:


Important note: You have to do the entire procedure with the same computer and with the same browser.

(Internet Explorer or Mozilla)


  • Access the following link to download the software (FNMT-RCM and Autofirma configurator)

  • Access the following link, fill in the fields with your data and click on "Enviar petición"
  • Print the obtained code (you will need it in step 3)

You must go personally to one of the Registry Offices. In the following link you will find the nearest offices: "personas físicas" in the search)

You must bring:

  • Valid TIE card
  • Passport or identity document from your country of origin
  • Code obtained in step 2

Currently and due to the restrictions of the pandemic, once you have selected the office you must request an appointment before going to it. You can see a list of offices on the web: Oficinas de Acreditación de la Seguridad Social

  • Access following link
  • Fill in the fields with your data and click on "Descargar certificado "


More information:

On this official page you will find detailed information about the whole procedure:

Video tutorial where the whole process is explained: