What is the electronic certificate and its use

The digital certificate is an electronic certification, issued by the "Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre" (FNMT), which contains your identification data.

It will allow you to identify yourself on the Internet and interact with Public Administrations electronically. For example, submitting applications or documents, guaranteeing your identity in a secure way.

Specifically, this certificate will allow you to carry out via Internet the renewal procedures of your TIE card.


Keep in mind:

Before choosing the option of submitting electronically your documents, with your digital certificate, you must take into account the following:

  • In order to apply for the digital certificate, you must have a valid TIE (you cannot apply for the digital certificate with your TIE card expired).
  • Once you have selected how you want to submit your renewal documents (face-to-face or digital), it cannot be changed. Either you do the entire process online, or entirely on paper.
  • At the moment, the platform to make the TIE renewal procedure is only in Spanish. So, there is no version with screens in English.


Advantages of the online procedure:

  • You can do the procedure from anywhere, with your computer or laptop. It is not necessary to go (physically) to any office to deliver your documents. Even if you travel, you can submit your application or the missing/additional documents that you could be requested.
  • You can do the procedure at any time of the day, you are not limited by office hours.
  • The process goes faster if you do it online, than if you do it in person.