The contingency plan for the 2021-2022 academic year


In the coming days, the UPC will make public the changes resulting from the latest updates of the PROCICAT measures aimed at reducing the infections of COVID-19. The UPC is waiting for the modification of the University Sector Plan that regulates the measures to apply at all times. As reported by the health authorities, in the field of university teaching activities, face-to-face theoretical activities are allowed up to 100% of the authorized capacity, provided that the usual protection measures are taken in enclosed spaces (mask , distance, hands).
TheUPC’s contingency plan [in catalan] includes a set of organisational measures for the start of the coming academic year. Face-to-face teaching will take place at 100% classroom capacity, which can be modified in accordance with the evolution of the pandemic, the vaccination programme and current regulations. The plan specifies that wearing a mask on UPC premises is compulsory, which will be constantly adjusted to health authorities’ advice.

The plan also sets out the use of UPC facilities for the coming academic year (classrooms, laboratories, libraries, dining rooms, common areas...), health and prevention measures and current procedures and protocols. It also details the characteristics and approaches to the organisation of the provision of services by staff, given that face-to-face teaching will be reinstated. 

The UPC’s contingency plan is based on the PROCICAT Sectoral Plan for Universities for the 2021-2022 academic year [in catalan] and was published following the instructions of the rector, Daniel Crespo, on 26 July.

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