Executive Council

The Executive Council is composed of university officers (vice-rectors, the general secretary, the general manager and the rector's delegates) who assist the rector in his or her functions.

Rector Daniel Crespo Artiaga
Vice-rector for Teaching and Research Staff Policy Miquel Soriano Ibánez
Vice-rector for Research Jordi Llorca Piqué
Vice-rector for Transfer, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Climent Molins Borrell
Vice-rector for Academic Policy Montserrat Pardàs Feliu
Vice-rector for Quality and Language Policy Imma Ribas Vila
Vice-rector for Teaching and Students Fatiha Nejjari Akhi-elarab
Vice-rector for Digital Strategy Àlvar Vinacua Pla
Vice-rector for International Policy Lourdes Reig Puig
Vice-rector for Architecture, Infrastructure and Regional Outreach Jordi Ros Ballesteros
Vice-rector for Social Responsibility and Equality Josefina Antonijuan Rull
Vice-rector for University Policy Joan Gispets Parcerisas
General secretary Ana B. Cortinas Abad
Head of the Rector's Bureau Lluís Monfort Peligero
General manager Ivan Planas Miret